Payment of Fees

International Security and Intelligence Programme and Conference at Emmanuel College, Cambridge 2024

ISI fees consist of the following:

  • Administration Fee £150.00 (due on application; non-refundable)
  • A Programme Fee covering the academic programme and one of the following accommodation options:

(Option A) Private bedroom and shared bathroom £4,525.00

(Option B) Private bedroom with en-suite facilities £5,200.00

The Programme fee is payable once an applicant is admitted. Receipt of the relevant programme fee secures and guarantees your place on the ISI Programme.


Students who cancel and withdraw from the Programme fee are charged a percentage of the Programme fee as follows:

More than 100 days from the start of the course: 5%

99 to 35 days:                                                      50% cancellation fee

35 to 0 days:                                                        100% cancellation fee



The CSi bank details for transfers are as follows:


Sort Code:                                  20-17-20

Account Number:                     70394815

SWIFTBIC:                               BUKBGB22

IBAN:                                        GB83 BUKB 2017 2070 3948 15


Please include the first 10 characters of your user ID, generated when you submitted your ISI 2024 application, and last name as a reference (if your last name is too long, just include the first 5 characters; for example, “123456Jones”).


If transferring money from abroad, you may find that the Wise fees are less than a BACS transfer. Instructions for sending money with Wise can be found below.

How do I send money with Wise?

The following information was adapted from

1) Signup with Wise.

You can sign up directly through the website or by following this link.

Wise will ask for your email address, and you’ll create a password. You can also sign up by connecting to your Google or Facebook account.

Tip: If you already have a Wise account, go to Home on the website and choose Send money, or tap Send on the app to set up a transfer.

2) Type in how much you’d like to transfer.

It is important that ISI gets the exact amount requested. To ensure this is done correctly, type the specified amount into the ‘Recipient gets’ box. Wise will then automatically tell you how much you need to send.

3) Let Wise know what kind of transfer you’re making

If you’re paying from a personal bank account, it’s a Personal transfer. This will be the case for most students. Otherwise, read more about Business transfers.

4) Fill in your details.

Wise will ask for your personal details, like your address. This info is needed to comply with finance regulations but will never be shared with any third parties.

5) Tell Wise who you’re sending money to.

Select the ‘Business/Charity’ option. Use the IBAN menu option (rather than the Local Bank Account) if transferring from abroad.

You will need the following information for this section:

Name:                                     The Cambridge Security Initiative


IBAN:                                      GB83 BUKB 2017 2070 3948 15


For transfers within the UK, you may use the ‘Local Bank Account’ option and will need the following information:


Sort Code:                                          20-17-20

Account Number:                              70394815


6)    Review the details of your transfer.

Please include your user ID, generated when you submitted your ISI 2024 application and your last name as a reference (if your last name is too long, just include the first 5 characters; for example, “123456Jones”).

  • Choose your transfer type and how to pay

Wise will let you know the fees for each option and how long it should take for the money to arrive.

Tip: It’s often cheapest to pay from your bank account. This means you’ll have to go to your

online banking or branch and then send the money to Wise.

8) That’s it!

After we’ve received your money, we’ll confirm the transfer via email.

Additional helpful resources for using Wise:

Video Tutorial: How to Wise: Money Transfers – Step by Step.

A recent (2023) article written by Gabriela Peratello entitled ‘Is Wise Safe?’

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