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The Cambridge Security Initiative (CSi), chaired by Sir Richard Dearlove, former Chief of the Secret Intelligence Service, provides a unique link between the worlds of business, government and academia. With unrivalled expertise in security and intelligence issues, the organisation integrates long-term historical trends with the experience of security professionals to deliver prescient analysis of current and future threats to a range of clients and to its signature ‘International Security and Intelligence’ (ISI) programme.

Commissioned analysis has typically been sought by clients requiring professional, up-to-the minute briefings focused on specific regions or business sectors on which to base key assessments of future risks, options and opportunities. To achieve this, CSi has brought together bespoke teams of experts who, while varying in age, nationality and profession, share the ability to contribute significant, contemporary and often unique insights to written reports overseen, edited and signed off by the Directors. Recent clients have included UK and US government agencies, management consultants, international accountancy and finance firms. Looking forward, the work of the CSi is attracting strong interest from organisations with international interests in banking, law, infrastructure, energy and utilities. Subjects likely to be high on the agenda include the fast-changing situations in the Middle East, Russia and China and their neighbours, cyber security and the rise of extremism in Europe and security threats to the UK, Europe and the U.S.

The ISI Programme has been organised and taught in recent years by many of the leading lights of CSi and underlines CSi’s strong links with and commitment to academia. It is a university-level programme aimed at those with an academic or professional interest in intelligence and contemporary threats offers a unique opportunity to work with leading practitioners and academics from the security and intelligence worlds.

The Cambridge Security Initiative 2017 is a U.K. Registered Charity; No. 1175201. The objects of the Charity are to advance education in relation to International Security and Intelligence issues through research, provision of educational programmes and collaborations in Intelligence Studies, teaching and research with national and international Universities, the Government of the U.K. and other nations.



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