CSi Conference 2022: National Security in a Changing World

The CSi Conference 2022 will take place at Cripps Court, 1-3 Chesterton Rd, Arbury, Cambridge CB4 3AD.

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CSi’s 2022 Conference will take place in person on 22nd and 23rd July 2022.

The annual CSI conference, “Intelligence and National Security in a Changing World”, addresses the most pressing security challenges facing governments, private industry, and even private citizens in a globalized and interconnected world. Attendees can expect to hear about Great Power challenges to global order, such as those offered by Russia and China. The ever-present issues of global instability, terrorism, and regional conflict will be considered alongside the impacts of cutting-edge technological innovation, nuclear proliferation and cyber operations. With panels and distinguished keynote speakers moderated by ISI teaching faculty, the conference offers a chance for attendees to hear first-hand insights (under the Chatham House rule) from former senior officials, intelligence and security practitioners and from academic experts.

One of our keynote speakers- Will Hurd is currently a managing director at Allen & Company and former member of Congress, cybersecurity executive, and undercover officer in the CIA. For almost two decades he’s been involved in the most pressing national security issues challenging the country whether it was in the back-alleys of dangerous places, boardrooms of top international businesses or halls of Congress. After stopping terrorists, preventing Russian spies from stealing our secrets, and putting nuclear weapons proliferators out of business, Will helped build a cybersecurity company that prepared businesses for the next domain of conflict – cyberspace. While in Congress, Texas Monthly and Politico Magazine called Will “The Future of the GOP,” because he put good policy over good politics at a time when America was often consumed with what divides us rather than what unites us. He was able to get more legislation signed into law in three terms than most congressmen do in three decades – substantive legislation like a national strategy for Artificial Intelligence. Will is a native of San Antonio and earned a Computer Science degree from Texas A&M University. Additionally, he is growing the US transatlantic partnership with Europe as a trustee of the German Marshall Fund, an OpenAI board member, and most recently served as a fellow at the University of Chicago Institute of Politics. He is also the author of American Reboot: An Idealist’s Guide to Getting Big Things Done, released in March 2022. For more information, please visit  


This year’s panels will explore the implications and unfolding of the war for Russia, Ukraine and China and include:

Challenges to Democracy: Hostile Foreign Influence & Disinformation.
Speakers: Belén Carrasco Rodriguez (Centre for Information Resilience) and Carl Miller (Demos)

Whose Failure? The role of intelligence and military strategy in Russia’s war against Ukraine 
Speakers: Andrei Soldatov (Russian investigative Journalist and co-founder of, Irina Borogan (Russian Investigative Journalist and co-founder of and Dr. Patrick Bury (University of Bath)

Sea-Power Panel
Speakers: Bill Hamblet and Jim Fanel


Confirmed speakers include;
Sir Richard Dearlove, Sir Tony Brenton, Dr. Tracey German, Charles Parton OBE, Professor Michael Goodman, Professor Brendan Simms. LCDR, Joe Hatfield and Dr Maxine David.

Approximately one hundred delegates attend the Conference of whom half will be drawn from the International Security and Intelligence Programme (ISI); others will include alumni of ISI, business and professional people and individuals from U.K. and European universities and institutions who have an interest in the field.

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CSi Conference 2021: National Security Policy in a Changing World

CSi’s 2021 Virtual Conference explores current themes relating to Intelligence and National Security Policy in a Changing World. The Conference, which all ISI participants attend, brings together speakers and delegates from governments, security agencies, academia and business to explore a wide range of security-related issues.  Past speakers have included heads of the British Cabinet Office, the French Security Service, GCHQ and MI6, distinguished academics, ambassadors and business leaders.

This year’s confirmed speakers include;

Sir Tony Brenton, Dr. Tracey German, Charlie Parton OBE, Dr. Nicola Leveringhaus, Sir David Omand, Sir Richard Dearlove and Alexander Downer AC.


2019 Conference

Panels included:

‘The interface between Government and the Security Services’, ‘Conflict and Security Sectors in Africa, the Middle East and South Asia’, ‘Ordered or Ordering? Britain’s Post- Brexit role in Europe in Historical Perspective’, and ‘A security overview of the Asia/Pacific Region.’

Keynote Sessions included:

‘The future is Now: Cyber Operations and Artificial Intelligence’, ‘Iran in the Gulf. Signalling, skirmishing or war’, ‘Countering Terrorism- the perspective of the former Head of JTAC’, ‘Russia, Bear or Porcupine?’ and ‘Cooperation against terrorism in Europe.’

Speakers included:

Affiliated lecturer at the Forum on Geopolitics at Cambridge University, Suzanne Raine. The former French Prime Minister, Bernard Cazeneuve. Distinguished Diplomat, Sir Tony Brenton and Di Cooke, a doctoral candidate at King’s College London in the Department of War Studies.

For further details on 2019 Conference panels, keynote sessions and speakers, please refer to the brochure opposite.



2019 Conference Report


Written by ISI 2019 Alumni, Irena Ilic and published in the Journal for Intelligence, Propaganda and Security Studies, this article details the events of the Conference, its structure and the Social Programme.




Overall, ISI Conference is a quite unique, interdisciplinary event which perfectly combines with the ISI four-week academic programme…The effort to engage academically and rather openly with difficult intelligence and security issues makes the ISI Conference stand out as the forerunner in this enigmatic, yet highly relevant field.



2019 Conference Gallery


2018 Conference

Panels included:

‘2018 and Beyond: What on Earth is Happening?’, ‘Resource Security and Resilience’, ‘How the 4thIndustrial Revolution is impacting traditional defence and Intelligence roles’, ‘Iraq, Iran, Yemen and Syria: Civil Wars and Proxy Wars; Prospects for Regional Stability’, ‘Legal Perspectives on international Security Issues’ and ‘A Regional Security Overview of the Asia/ Pacific Region, focusing on China and North Korea.’

Keynote Sessions included:

‘The Interface between Government and the Security Services’, ‘Fearsome Bear or Paper Tiger? Russia’s Search for 21stCentury Relevance’ and ‘A presentation by John Rizzo, formerly Acting General Counsel of the CIA.’

Speakers included:

Senior Adviser to the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) Nigel Inkster, CMG. Academy Fellow at the Middle East and North Africa Programme at Chatham House, Dr Renad Mansour and Dorothea Gioe, an independent consultant specialising in political risk, security and social network analysis.

For further details on 2018 Conference panels, keynote sessions and speakers, please refer to the brochure opposite.


2017 Conference

Panels included:

‘Security Implications of Brexit, the Trump Administration and Beyond’, ‘The Robots are coming: Technology, automation and jobs- implications for society and international relations in the coming decade’, ‘ISIS and Perspectives on Iraq’, Russia, the future of NATO and redefining the role of the US emerging Conflict Zones.’

Keynote Sessions included:

‘The issue of National Security Policy in a fluid and changing world’, ‘The Strategic Importance of Intelligence Agility’ and ‘Threats to European Security: The French Response.’

Speakers included:

Professor Lord Peter Hennessy, Dr Dina Rezk, Lecturer in Middle Eastern History. Frederic Ischebeck-Baum, Teaching Fellow and Assistant Director in the Centre for Defence Studies at King’s College, London.

For further details on 2017 Conference panels, keynote sessions and speakers, please refer to the brochure opposite.


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