The International Security and Intelligence Programme and Conference

At Magdalene College, Cambridge

9 July – 3 August, 2018



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This four-week summer programme offers a unique opportunity to work with leading practitioners and academics from the security and intelligence communities in the delightful riverside setting of Magdalene College. The University, now one of the highest ranked in the world, dates back to the early C13th and the earliest College foundations are clustered at the heart of the medieval City. 

Chaired by Sir Richard Dearlove (formerly head of MI6, Britain’s Secret Intelligence Service) and convened by Professor Michael Goodman and Dr David Gioe, the International Security and Intelligence Programme (ISI) will consider the claims of state secrecy, the threat of nuclear proliferation, of cyber attack, of terrorism, the problems generated by the demand for regional security and the security challenges of revolutions and governing diversity. Intelligence collection, analysis of the product, and its dissemination to customers remain at the core of the intelligence cycle. Counterintelligence and covert action play more opaque but still vital roles at the heart of the nation state. Understanding these perspectives, what intelligence can achieve, but also its limitations, are major Programme and Conference themes.

The panoply of threats facing Western democracies is diverse and the issues which preoccupy the highest levels of government will be discussed and analysed. With its emphasis on contemporary and future challenges and practice, ISI will appeal to those with an academic or professional interest in intelligence and contemporary threats.

Uniquely, the ISI Programme will host a conference which will examine in more detail many of the key issues explored during the course. Entitled ‘National Security in a Changing World’, the two-day conference will bring together delegates from academia, politics and government agencies. ISI participants will attend the conference gratis.

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The 2018 Programme Application will open on Friday, 20th October.

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